Summer is over

Summer is over

Now the autumn winds and rains have arrived on the northwest coast, and it is time to return home. We have been in the countryside since late June, and have had a warm and relaxing summer.

The three young cats have had two houses to roam, and we have seen many visitors during summer. The small ones have grown a lot, but are still kittens at heart, chasing each other and finding every opportunity to do mischief.

The three neuter cats have been allowed to run free outside, and for the first time we have been presented with hunt trophies! There are apparently small mice in the woods here after all.

Rose dew
Summer started and ended with shows, and we are happy with the results:

Ski in June, Smaalenene:
Suki got an excellent judgment and was Ex 1 out of 2 cats in group 4.

Olenna had her debut in the show ring and got an excellent judgement with Ex1. Not bad for a low-clone cat with complete inbreeding 6,54 %!

Ålesund in September, Sunnmørskatten:
Suki was just over 7 months and in class 11 Junior. She again had excellent judgements both days, and was up for nominations which she lost to typed India’s niece on Saturday and a beautiful Norwegian Forest boy on Sunday.

India got CACIB both days and cannot be shown again in Norway until she has a CACIB from a different country.

Sommer 2014

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