B-litter born 10 April 2016 – Suki & Pallas


Name – Navn



NO*WesterosCat Brienne of Tarth “Brie” MCO f 03 22 – torbie white bicolour Dam of WesterosCat F-litter
NO*WesterosCat Betha Blackwood “Betzy” MCO f 09 22 – torbie with white Dam of WesterosCat E-litter
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Pedigree in the PawPeds database – lenke til stamtavle

B-girls 2016-05-25 2b


Parents: Suki & Pallas

S*Acrobat’s Honeysuckle Rose MCO n 09 24


Manitou’s Pallas MCO d 09 22

Genotype: Aa Dd GG ii -mc Spsp wsw oo M3/M3 Genotype: AA Dd GG ii mcmc spsp wsw Oy
HCM scan: Normal 2017-08-22 (3,5 years old) HCM-scan: Normal 2016-06-26 (3,5 years old)
HD X-ray: Left: Normal, Right: Normal HD X-ray: Left: Normal, Right: Normal

Suki is a pretty girl still in development. She has very good size with strong boning and excellent proportions. She has a lovely open expression, and very silky coat.

Pallas is large with strong boning, a broad box and great temperament: very patient and calm. He has huge paws!


Litter Data

HCM/A31P DNA N/N – negative
PK-deficiency DNA N/N – negative
SMA DNA N/N – negative
Complete inbreeding 7,94 %
Clones 25,6 %
Top 5 55,8 %

Westeros plan B2 2015 d

Our plans – våre planer


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