L-litter born 30 March 2021

Vårt vakre L-kull ble født i påsken!

L-kullet 15 uker gamle

Name – Navn



NO*WesterosCat Lucerys Velaryon MCO ns 09 22 – svartsølvtabby med hvitt Sold to Tummas and Silvia
NO*WesterosCat Larra of Lys MCO ns 22 – svartsølvtabby Sold to Thea and Anders
NO*WesterosCat Laena Velaryon MCO a 23 – blåtigret Under evaluation
NO*WesterosCat Leaf of the Forest MCO as 09 23 – blåsølvtigret med hvitt * Hvil i fred *
NO*WesterosCat Lyanna Stark MCO n 09 – svart med hvitt Sold, lives wiht Larra

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Greygables Diane DuBois ‘DeeDee‘ MCO ns 22

CH NO*WesterosCat Drogon Dracarys MCO n 09 24

Genotype: Aa Dd GG Ii mcmc spsp ww oo M3/M4 Genotype: Aa Dd GG ii Mcmc Spsp wsw oy M3/M4
HCM scan: Normal 29 May 2020 (almost 1 year old) HCM-scan: Normal 27 Apr 2021 (4 years old)
HD X-ray: Left: Grade 1, Right: Grade 1 HD X-ray: Left: Normal, Right: Normal, both parents normal

Pedigree in the PawPeds database – lenke til stamtavle

This litter is a dream combination of two of our best cats. Fairly low inbreeding, a combination of US show lines and rare lines, no foundation until eight generations back.

DeeDee is our beautiful silver princess, broad strong body, and excellent type. She is a very social young girl, talkative and confident.

Drogon is our biggest boy and a show Champion from our own breeding. He has a very large and strong body, broad head and good overall type. His temperament is outstanding and we hope to have offspring after him to continue working with his good line.

Litter Data

PK-deficiency DNA N/N
Complete inbreeding 8,21 %
Clones 24,7 %
Top 5 57,4 %

Kull født 30. mars 2021


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