NO*WesterosCat Daenerys Stormborn

Daenerys is Aegon‘s and Suki’s daughter, and Olenna’s granddaughter. She is a bluetabby white bicolour girl, with very sweet temperament. Her nickname is Neris. She is the mother of three litters in our cattery, and is now retired from breeding.

Vår nydelige Neris er mor til tre kull, og er nå kastrert og pensjonert fra avl. Hun er flyttet til Mo i Rana der hun får leve pensjonisttilværelsen med masse oppmerksomhet og kos, sammen med barnebarnet Aemon.

7 months old

Pedigree and background

About Daenerys
Name NO*WesterosCat Daenerys Stormborn
Birth Date 23 Apr 2017
Sire NO*WesterosCat Aegon Dragonlord MCO n 09 22
Dam CH S*Acrobat’s Honeysuckle Rose “Suki” MCO n 09 24
Colour Blue tabby white bicolour
EMS code MCO a 03 22
Genotype coat colour AA dd GG ii mcmc spsp wsws oo
Longhair gene (M3, M4) M3/M3
Blood group DNA A/A
Genetic Diversity Hz DNA 38,8 %
Complete inbreeding 5,90 %
Clones 22,1 %
Top 5 51,2 %
Generations back to foundation 7
PK-deficiency DNA N/N
HCM ultrasound scan Normal 2019-03-06 (1 year 10 months old), Normal 2020-10-26 (3 years 6 months old), Normal 2022-02-07 ( 4 years 9 m old), Normal 2024-03-21 (6 years 11 months)
HD X-ray PawPeds Left: Normal, Right: Normal, both parents normal
Genetic screening MyCatDNA
Offspring Dam to WesterosCat G-litter, I-litter and  M-litter

Daenerys’ Pedigree in the PawPeds database

The name is from Westeros Queen Daenerys Targaryen of course. The name can be read as a combination of Dana and Nerys; Dana is a feminine form of the Hebrew name Dan which means he judged, and Nerys is a Welsh given name meaning lady.



Show Results and Plans

Date Club Place Class Judge Result Comments
15 Oct 2017 Østfoldkatten Rakkestad 12 Sirpa Lindelöf EX1 Ex length, nice muscles. Head: Ex muzzle, very nice profile. Eyes: Ex shape and size. Ears:  Very nice shape and setting. Coat: Promising silky texture. Nice length. Tail: Excellent. Condition: Excellent. General: Active sweet girl.
14 Oct 2017 Østfoldkatten Rakkestad  12 Philippe de Guerny Ventura EX2 Ex body balance rectangular strong built …” EX2 after her bigger sister Dorea


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