G-litter born 20 May 2018 – Daenerys & William


G-litter 9 weeks old


Name – Navn



NO*WesterosCat Gersimi the Goddess MCO g 02 21 (23) 62? Blue torbie white harlequin Stays in the cattery
NO*WesterosCat Gaemon Targaryen the Glorious “Ludwig” MCO a 09 23 Blue mackerel tabby with white Sold, lives with “Lakris” from the F-litter
NO*WesterosCat Gilly of the Freefolk MCO g 09 23 Blue mackerel torbie with white Moved and lives with Kojja Mo from the K-litter
NO*WesterosCat Gendry my Secret Prince MCO a 09 23 Blue mackerel tabby with white Sold to breeder friend Nancy at Van de Kerselaar in Belgium
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Pedigree in the PawPeds database – lenke til stamtavle


Parents: Daenerys & William

NO*WesterosCat Daenerys Stormborn MCO a 03 22

Greygables William Wordsworth MCO e 03 23

Genotype: AA dd GG mcmc spsp wsws oo M3/M3 Genotype: Aa dd GG Mcmc spsp wsw Oy M3/M3
HCM scan: Normal 2018-03-22 (11 months old) HCM-scan: Normal 2018-03-22 (14 months old)
HD X-ray: Left: Normal, Right: Normal, both parents normal HD X-ray: Left: Normal, Right: Grade 1

This litter is a low inbreeding combination, with both newer foundation cats, rare lines and some show stars in the pedigree.   Dette er et lavinnavlskull, med både ny foundation, uvanlige linjer og enkelte showstjerner i stamtavlen.

Daenerys is a pretty young lady still in development, with somewhat fine boning so far, but promising chin and expression. She is active and with a very kind and trusting temperament.

William is a sweet tempered, strong-bodied young male, and a combination of American show lines and new foundation. He is a very very friendly boy!

Litter Data

PK-deficiency DNA N/N
Complete inbreeding 4,71 %
Clones 19,2 %
Top 5 43,7 %

G-litter born 20 May 2018

G-litter 11 weeks old

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