Pretty Premiers

Pretty Premiers – our neuters

We have five neuters living in our family right now. Some of them spend the summer half of the year up on the west coast.   Vi har for tiden fem kastrater. Noen av dem bor i sommerhalvåret oppe på nordvestlandet.

In a group of cats, older neuters will often be “peace-keepers” between the younger and fertile cats. They are less involved in conflicts, and have more experience with the routines in the cattery. They also typically adapt quicker to changes, like new cats introduced to the home.

Noen av kastratene våre er tidligere avlskatter som er pensjonerte fra avl.

Greygables Olenna Oldgrey


2 years old

2 years old

Olenna born 10 Feb 2014 is mother to our A-litter, C-litter, H-litter and J-litter. She is now seven years old, and retired from breeding.

NO*WesterosCat Daenerys Stormborn



Daenerys born 23 April 2017 is the mother to our G-litterI-litter and M-litter.

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Viggo and Hieronymus enjoying summer 2014

Viggo and Hieronymus enjoying summer 2014


Our first two Maine Coons we got for company only: Hieronymus and Tequila. The first three years with Maine Coon we went to several shows, which is a great opportunity to learn. It is important to meet people who know a lot about cats, breeding and showing –  and Maine Coons in particular.

If you are new to pedigree cats, starting with a neuter and showing him or her is a good way to learn and get to know breeders as well as the breed.

Hieronymus and Tequila

Hieronymus and Tequila


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