Flying Colors van de Kerselaar – “Fleming”

This boy is truly “Made in Maine” with both parents being Thunderpaws Maine Coons from Siberia farm in upper Maine, USA. He is made in Maine, his mother Inky came to Belgium only a few days pregnant, and Fleming was born in a small town close to Antwerpen. Huge thanks to Nancy at cattery van de Kerselaar Maine Coon for this lovely boy, and to Donna Chase at renowned Thunderpaws cattery in Maine for the great work with Maine foundation lines. Read a fantastic photo blog from a visit at the farm, with photos of Donna, by Nanette Faye photography.

We call him Fleming since he is born in Belgian Flanders. Our little Yankee-Fleming-Viking boy!

Fleming is now neutered.   Fleming er nå kastrert etter fire kull, og han har flyttet til et hjem hvor han får være enekatt.

2,5 years old

He is a very cuddly boy, also very confident and settling with us immediately. His father is big strong polydactyl Thunderpaws Holden. Mother Thunderpaws Inky Black van de Kerselaar is smaller, and has a look just like the original Maine cats as well as a wonderful personality.

Pedigree and background

About Fleming
Name Flying Colors van de Kerselaar
Birth Date 19 Nov 2015
Sire Thunderpaws Holden MCO n 22
Dam Thunderpaws Inky Black MCO n 22
Colour Black tabby
EMS code MCO n 22
Genotype coat colour Aa DD Gg ii mcmc spsp ww oy
Longhair gene (M3, M4) M4/M4
Blood group DNA N/b (carrier of blood type B)
Complete inbreeding COI 2,64 %
Clones 12,4 %
Top 5 26,4 %
Generations back to foundation 4
PK-deficiency DNA N/N
HCM ultrasound scan Normal 2019-03-06 (3 years 3 months old), Normal 2020-06-22 (4 years 7 months old)
HD X-ray PawPeds Left: Normal – Right: Normal
PL (patellar luxation) Normal
DNA screening MyCatDNA
Sire to  –  far til WesterosCat E-litter, F-litter, I-litter, and Midgardskattens 4th litter

Pedigree in the PawPeds database

Flying Colors is from a litter of five brown tabbies. Their dad Holden is a polydactyl, meaning he has more toes than the average cat. Brother Four Aces and sister Fluffy Feline (poly) stays in Van de Kerselaar cattery for breeding. Four Aces is shared with Misha in The Dorsai cattery. Poly brothers Fast Forward and Fun Factor are sold to a pet home and can stay together.

Five F-kittens Van de Kerselaar

Four Aces, Fast Forward, Fluffy Feline, Flying Colors, Fun Factor Van de Kerselaar-kittens 14w


Show Results and Plans

Fleming has strong boning and good type for an F4 cat, but he is quite small for a Maine Coon male. Ears are small, but he has a very good expression, lovely eyes. He looks a lot like the first Maine Coons in the 60s.

Date Club Place Class Judge Result Comments
18 June 2016 Smaalenene Ski 12 Stéphane Henry  Ex1 A strong baby boy with large frame, ex muscle tone, ex strong bones. Head: Squared outlines still in development. Ex rounded forehead – ex strong chin – very good profile.


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