E-litter: born 1 July 2017 – Betzy & Fleming

WesterosCat E-litter 7 weeks old

E-litter 7 weeks old


Name – Navn



NO*WesterosCat Elia Martell MCO f 22 Black torbie Lives with sister Erena
NO*WesterosCat Euron Greyjoy MCO n 22 Black tabby Sold to Anne Lise and family in Asker
NO*WesterosCat Edmure Tully MCO d 09 22 Red tabby with white Sold to Vannessa and Filip, lives with Clegane
NO*WesterosCat Ezzara Ghiscari Priestess MCO n 09 22 Black tabby with white Sold to Elin and Martijn in Mosjøen, lives with Edric
NO*WesterosCat Erena of the Wolfswood MCO f 22 Black torbie Sold to Henriette and family in Oslo; lives with Elia
NO*WesterosCat Eddard Stark MCO n 22 Black tabby Sold; lives with Dyanna
NO*WesterosCat Edric Storm MCO n 09 22 Black tabby with white Sold to Elin and Martijn in Mosjøen, lives with Ezzara
NO*WesterosCat Ellaria the Gentle MCO n 09 22 Black tabby with white Sold to Tanja and Sondre in Oslo; lives with Rodrik
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Pedigree in the PawPeds database – lenke til stamtavle

Parents: Betzy & Fleming

NO*WesterosCat Betha Blackwood “Betzy” MCO f 09 22

Flying Colors van de Kerselaar “Fleming” MCO n 22

Genotype: AA* Dd G- mcmc spsp wsw Oo M3/M- Genotype: Aa DD Gg mcmc spsp ww oy M4/M4
HCM scan: Normal 2017-02-14 (10 months old) HCM-scan: Normal 2017-02-14 (15 months old)
HD X-ray: Left: Grade 1, Right: Grade 1, both parents normal HD X-ray: Left: Normal, Right: Normal

Kullet: Dette er et outcrosskull, med svært lav innavlsprosent siden far Fleming er unnfanget i selveste Maine, og er ubeslektet med de europeiske linjer av Maine Coon.

This litter is a combination of outcross lines from Maine through Fleming, with some more typical show lines through Betzy.

Betzy is a strong young girl with a feral look and beautiful colors. She is fairly large with heavy boning, and has excellent proportions. Her head still needs development. She can be a bit dominant, but has the loudest of purrs. She is also a fantastic mother!

Fleming is a lovely young boy, on the smaller side for a Maine Coon. Body and legs strong, ears somewhat small, very nice expression. Temperament super friendly and cuddly.

Litter Data

HCM/A31P DNA N/N – negative
PK-deficiency DNA N/N – negative
Complete inbreeding 4,12 %
Clones 19 %
Top 5 41,1 %

E-litter born 1 July 2017


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