Greygables Diane DuBois

Beautiful DeeDee arrived with us in September 2019. She is a very beautiful silver lady with a mild and sweet temperament. She is the mother of our L-litter and will be mated again later.

4,5 months old – Felida foto

DeeDee er vår vakre sølvjente. Hun har utviklet seg fint og og planen er å bruke henne på våre egne gutter. Hun har lovende benstamme, nydelig sølv og slående vakre øyne. Øyenfargen har utviklet seg fra ravfarget da hun var liten til vakker grønn tre år gammel. Hun er hjertescannet med normalt hjerte, og HD-resultater viser at hun er godkjent for avl. Hun har fått møte vår egen store Drogon, og L-kullet ble født 30. mars 2021.

Pedigree and background

About DeeDee
Name Greygables Diane Dubois
Birth Date 3 June 2019
Sire Nathan d’Arabella Coons*FR  MCO ns 22
Dam NL*Tabula Rasa Picture Purfect  MCO n 09
Colour Silver tabby
Eye Colour Green
EMS code MCO ns 22
Genotype coat colour Aa Dd GG Ii mcmc ww oo
Longhair gene (M3, M4) M3/M4
Blood group DNA N/N
Genetic Diversity Hz/DNA 37,5 %
Complete inbreeding 9,74 %
Clones 27,2 %
Top 5 63,3 %
Generations back to foundation 9
PK-deficiency DNA N/N
HCM ultrasound scan Normal 18 Nov 2021 (2 years 5 months old)
HD X-ray PawPeds Left: Grade 1, Right: Grade 1
Patella luxation PL No signs (unofficial)
DNA screening MyCatDNA (WisdomPanel)
Offspring L-litter

Pedigree in the PawPeds database


DeeDee is from Greygables Maine Coon cattery, where Sibylle is now retired from breeding. DeeDee is one of the very the last breeding cats from the Greygables cattery. Sibylle and Greygables have been essential for our breeding program from our first and oldest breeding female Olenna, and we are forever grateful to be able to continue working with the Greygables lines.

DeeDee’s sire Nathan also has lines back to Manitou’s early lines from my breeder friend Mia Söderberg, who helped me start my breeding programme with stud service and lots of advice. DeeDee’s dam is from Nayomi Franken’s Tabula Rasa lines based on US show lines with good type, size and health screening.


Diane is a French variant of Diana, the Greek goddess for hunting. DuBois means “from the forest” in French, and DeeDees name points to a hunter; we will see if she lives up to her name.


The professional photos from Felida foto, kitten photos from breeder Sibylle/Greygables, otherwise our own.


Show Results and Plans

Date Club Place Class Judge Result Comments
20 Oct 2019 Østfoldkatten Rakkestad 12 Rui Pacheco EX2 Ex body length, ex bone structure and muscle tone, very balanced. Head: Ex square muzzle and cheeks, firm chin, forehead could be slightly higher. Eyes: Ex oval slant, well set, very cute “terrorist” expression. Ears: Exc size and placement, wide at base. Ex coat quality, density and texture. … Very cute young lady.
19 Oct 2019 Østfoldkatten Rakkestad 12 Anne Veland EX4 Stor, fin og harmonisk jente.


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