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Links to other breeders and useful information

Maine Coon Clubs – with listings of breeders

Norway’s first breed club for Maine Coon.


Sweden’s first and largest breed club for Maine Coon. The club that startet the health programmes for HD and HCM.

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USA based Maine Coon association important in the recognition of the breed.

Maine Coon Breeders

Oppdrettere som driver med outcross/fokus på bredde i genbasen – anbefales.

S*Acrobat's Maine Coon

Stockholm, Sweden – SVERAK/FIFe breeder

Sarpsborg, Norge – NRR/FIFe breeder

The Dorsai in Belgium

Outcross cattery in Belgium – BKV’94


Bromölla, Skåne, Sweden – SVERAK/FIFe breeder

Fredrikstad, Norway – NRR/FIFe breeder

Banner Greygables

Frankfurt area, Germany – TICACats


Outcross cattery in Belgium

Outcross cattery in Belgium – BKV’94

Uppsala, Sweden – CFF outcross breeder

Manitou logo

Vänersborg, Sweden – WCF breeder

Floda, Lerum, Sweden – Sverak/FIFe breeder

Thunderpaws foundation cattery in Maine

Thunderpaws foundation cattery in upper Maine

PawPeds' founder - Bäsna, Sweden

PawPeds’ founder – Bäsna, Sweden


Cat Clubs and Societies


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The world's first and largest cat registry

The world’s first and largest cat registry


Cat Health



Cat Welfare – Kattevelferd

Search animals all over Europe bu ID-chip

Search animals and find their owners all over Europe by ID-chip

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