CH (N) Zifina India was the half sister of our wonderful Hieronymus. She earned her Champion title, but retired from the show ring in 2015.

India was intended for breeding, but was neutered because of Hip Dysplasia. She was rehomed September 2015, and found the perfect new family for her, moving to a peaceful country life, for her last years. She also later got the diagnosis of spondylosis, and in early August 2017 her pains were too bad, and she was put to sleep. RIP beautiful India.

Zifina-India tf

India’s tough look matched her fearless and outgoing personality. She used to be such a quick, athletic girl who loved to play and hunting toys, and she loved crawling up next to us in the sofa. She was incredibly kind and patient, and loved being around children who play. She was also very social and caring about the other cats.


Pedigree and Background

About India
Name CH (N) Zifina India
Birth Date  –  Death Date 18 Nov 2012  –  3 Aug 2017  (4 years 8 months old)
Sire CH Kashmir of Vingilot’CZ MCO d
Dam (N) Zifina Esperanza MCO f 22
Colour Black tortie solid
EMS code MCO f
Genotype aa DD ii mcmc spsp ww Oo
Longhair gene M4/M4
Blood group DNA non-b/non-b (Blood group A)
Complete inbreeding 16,6 %
Clones 40,0 %
Generations back to foundation 12
PK-deficiency DNA N/N by parents
HCM ultrasound scan Normal 2014-02-11
HD X-ray PawPeds Left: Grade 2, Right: Grade 2, Jan 2015
HD X-ray PawPeds Left: Grade 2, Right: Grade 1, March 2014
HD X-ray OFA Mild unilateral left, Dec 2014
Sire: Moderate (OFA), Dam: Good (OFA)
HD X-ray OFA (preliminary) Preliminary Mild, Feb 2014


India’s pedigree in PawPeds database

India comes from (N) Zifina Maine Coons. Photo of her parents Kashmir and Esperanza flirting below, photo by Veronica, Zifina (not active breeder any more).


Kashmir og Espuz april 2012



Show Results and Plans

India is an MCO f black tortie and competes in Category II semilonghair, MCO Group 5 traditional FIFe show system. Several judges have expressed that they will be excited to see her in the future. Her strengths are her length of body and wild predator look, and her beautiful profile emphasized by the tortie line. Her warm dark colours and long, rich, silky coat are also super.

Date Club Place Class Judge Result Comments
21 Sep 2014 Sunnmørskatten Moa, Ålesund 7 Henry Hornell CACIB Well muscled rectangular body
20 Sep 2014 Sunnmørskatten Moa, Ålesund 7 Mats Askett CACIB Eyes: Excellent shape with clear colour
15 June 2014  Elfsborgskatten  Alingsås 7 Raymond A. Sætre Ex2 “In very good condition. Strong, still young impression.”
8 Feb 2014 Göteborgs Raskattklubb Mölndal 9 Kristiina Rautio CAC, Champion, BIV Head: Nice length, nice square box, Excellent profile, nice prominent cheekbones, could have little more height on forehad.” BIV-total out of 3 cats.
12 Jan 2014 Adelkatten Dal, Gardermoen 9 Jørgen Billing EX2 Head: Excellent length with extreme noseline, box could be wider, ex forehead.” EX2 of 3.
11 Jan 2014 Adelkatten Dal, Gardermoen 9 Karina Bjuran EX “Veldig ung hunnkatt, langstrakt med bra benstamme. Fint formet hode, bra profil og ganske bra box.”  EX 5 of 5.
3 Nov 2013 NORAK Holmenkollen, Oslo 9 Hannah Jensen EX2 Head: Ex breda kinder, ex box, Svag haka, med lengd m bra profil. Ears: Ex storlek o form, bra plassering. Ofärdig ung tjei” EX 2 of 2.
2 Nov 2013 NORAK Holmenkollen, Oslo 9 Karl Preiss EX2 “En ung katt som trenger litt mer tid for utvikling. Ex kondition og temperament, ex presentert.”
29 Sep 2013 VK (Västsvenska Kattklubben) Västra Frölunda, Göteborg 9 Annelie Persson CAC “Vakker lovande tjei som behöver mer substans.”
28 Sep 2013 VK (Västsvenska Kattklubben) Västra Frölunda, Göteborg 9 Hannah Jensen CAC “Bra kinder o box. Lovande haka. Med. längd. Bra profil.”
8 Sep 2013 Sunnmørskatten Moa, Ålesund 11 Lene Glem EX1 “Young large female in ex body structure. Ex profile, ex cheeks.” “Super groomed and sweet lady.”
7 Sep 2013 Sunnmørskatten Moa, Ålesund 11 Anne Veland EX1, BIV, NOM Langstrakt, høybent, ex proporsjoner, hode: vakker type. Pels: SUPER, hale, lang, flowing, Super presentasjon.” BIV-total out of 7 cats!
26 May 2013 Vestkystkatten Averøy 11 Olga Kommisarova EX1 Ex large size for girl, long in body, well rounded. Head good in shape, profile with a slope, ex square muzzle, ex chin. Kind look. Ears large, good placed, tufted. Very sweet lady!
25 May 2013 Vestkystkatten Averøy 11 Marie Westerlund EX1 “Ung dam med ex lengd och storlek”
5 May 2013 LIRAK Lørenskog 12 Ireneusz Pruchniak EX3 “Ex developed female kitten. Ex show condition, nice temperament.” EX3 of 4.
4 May 2013 LIRAK Lørenskog 12 Marek Chadaj EX2 Harmony and balanced body, tall forehead, very good profile, excellent chin, good muzzle” EX2 of 4.
7 Apr 2013 Østfoldkatten Fredrikstad 12 Anne-Gro Edstrøm EX2 “Øyne: ex form, godt uttrykk”, “pels: vakker skilpaddefarge”
6 Apr 2013 Østfoldkatten Fredrikstad 12 Maud O. Johansson EX3 Hode: medium i form, utmärkt box, stärk hake, utm profil, veldigt bred till ålder”, “hale: låååång”, “total inntrykk: grunnl trygg, super snäll


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