CH NO*WesterosCat Arya Stark

Arya was intended for breeding, but she never got pregnant on any of her many dates, and now she is neutered and retired.

Vi beholdt skjønne, snille  Arya fra vårt første kull, og planen var å bruke henne i avl. Hun tok seg aldri, tross dater med flere flotte hanner, så nå er hun kastrat og skal få leve et fritt liv, være ute og jakte og bare ta det med ro.

Vi har vurdert å omplassere henne til en dyrekjær familie med trygge og gode utemuligheter. Foreløpig trives hun veldig godt som barnepike til kattungene som er her, og hun er snill og vennlig kosekatt som går overens med våre andre katter. Hun er en stor og kraftig kastratjente på over 7 kg, i god form.

She is:

  • HCM-scanned with normal heart 2,5 years old
  • HD X-rayed with normal hips
  • DNA: Negative for HCM1-A31P, PK, SMA and blood type B
  • Show Champion

She was the last one born of the 5 kittens in the A-litter. She is a very pretty girl with a wonderful, broad symmetrical blaze and pretty ear tufts. As a kitten she was very curious and loved to play with her litter mates; quite a little tomboy! As she grows and matures she gets more and more cuddly, and she has a really wonderful temperament, but still showing strong hunting instincts. She’s a very friendly and talkative cat.

2 years old


Pedigree and background

About Arya
Name CH NO*WesterosCat Arya Stark
Birth Date 24 Jul 2015
Sire Osiris d’Arabella Coons MCO n 03 22
Dam Greygables Olenna Oldgrey MCO a 22
Colour Black tabby with white
EMS code MCO n 09 22
Genotype coat colour AA Dd Gg ii mcmc spsp wsw oo
Longhair gene (M3, M4) M3/M4
Blood group DNA non-b/non-b   Blood type A
Complete inbreeding 3,07 %
Clones 15,9 %
Top 5 38,3 %
Generations back to foundation 6
PK-deficiency DNA N/N
HCM ultrasound scan Normal 2016-05-26 (10 months old) – Normal 2017-11-21 (2,5 years old – inofficial scan)
HD X-ray PawPeds Left: Normal, Right: Normal – also both parents Normal hips
No offspring

Arya’s Pedigree in the PawPeds database


Arya Stark is a central character in A Song of Ice and Fire. She is the younger daughter in one of the central families of Westeros. The name means honorouble or noble.

Show Results and Plans

Arya will be shown in a few FIFe shows to follow her development. Her best strength is her proportionate and strong body. She has good ear setting and nice tufts. Her colour and pattern is absolutely beautiful. She achieved her Champion title, and is now neutered and retired from the show ring.

Date Club Place Class Judge Result Comments
3 July 2016 VÄK Karlstad 7 Jørgen Billing  Ex1, no cert Super size and structure. Head: A bit too narrow and straight lines.
2 July 2016 VÄK Karlstad 9 Annika Berner CAC, Champion Medium stor tjei, medium benståm. Huvud ngt smalt, önskas bättre, stärkare box. Eyes: Ex. … Fin kondition. Ung, söt tjei.
19 June 2016 Smaalenene Ski 9 Martin Kabina  CAC Large, long, muscular body, medium high legs.
18 June 2016 Smaalenene Ski 9 Zvezdan Memedov  CAC Ex solid body, ex weight, ex muscles.

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