International Premier (N) CalmatoCat Tequila Sunrise

Tequila was our first Maine Coon and the main reason that we fell in love with this gorgeous breed. Sadly she is no longer with us; she had to be euthanized because of serious hip dysplasia. Tequila’s pains is one of the reasons we work for a more healthy Maine Coon. She is deeply missed.

Tequila collage elsket savnet

Like a lot of people we were just going to “get a cat”. Chance had it we settled for a Maine Coon kitten and discovered this breed, and were taken by its personality, beauty and charm.

Tequila 2013 May

She was only two weeks old when I was first allowed to see her, and we were able to visit her several times before she could move home with us. She stole our hearts completely and after only a few weeks we decided she would have company with another Maine Coon.

Tequila was lucky to spend her holidays every year in the countryside on the island where she was born, and she loved being out in the woods exploring. She was always a lady, always elegant and kind.

Pedigree and Background

About Tequila 5 months
Name  IP (N) Calmatocat Tequila Sunrise
Birth Date  –  Death Date 6 Oct 2011  –  18 Mar 2015  (3 years 5 months old)
Sire S*Coppermines Stronger
Dam (N) Castlehill’s Evita
Colour Blue mackerel torbie
EMS code MCO g 23
Genotype A- dd ii Mcmc spsp  ww Oo
Complete inbreeding 14,8 %
Clones 37,4 %
Generations back to foundation 11
HD X-ray PawPeds Left: Grade 3 – Right: Grade 3  Severe

Tequila’s pedigree in the PawPeds database


Show Results

Tequila was a MCO g 23 and competed in Category II semilonghair, MCO group 5 traditional show system FIFé. Her strength was her bone structure, her strong muscular body with perfect rectangular proportions. Her profile was also good, but she could be stronger typed with larger ears and a longer tail. She was not too fond of shows, and retired early from the show world.

Date Club Place Class Judge Result Comment
7 Apr 2013 Østfoldkatten Fredrikstad 6 Anne-Gro Edstrøm CAGPIB “Vakker blåskilpadde med svake striper”
6 Apr 2013 Østfoldkatten Fredrikstad 6 Maud O. Johansson CAGPIB “lång kropp, kraftig stamme, utmärkt box, stärk haka, utm profil”
9 Dec 2012 Ädelkatten Västra Frölunda, Göteborg 6 Annette Sjödin CAGPIB “Ex rektangulær kroppssform. Ex storlek och proportioner … Ex kondition & temperament. Söt kastrathona”
8 Dec 2012 Ädelkatten Västra Frölunda, Göteborg 8 Hannah Jensen CAPIB, International Premier co-signed Annette Sjödin. “Flott kroppssprop.”
25 Nov 2012 Adelkatten Dal, Gardermoen Åsa Hammarlund No more NO cert, jugdement outside competition only.
24 Nov 2012 Adelkatten Dal, Gardermoen 8 Hannah Jensen CAPIB, NOM “Superkropp og flott päls!”
21 Oct 2012 Østfoldkatten Moss 8 Gerardo Fraga y Guzmán CAPIB “Ex in size and body structure, ex in body shape”
20 Oct 2012 Østfoldkatten Moss 10 Christin K. Lütken CAP, Premier “Pen og lovende hunnkatt med deilig kropp!”
29 Sep 2012 Sunnmørskatten Moa, Ålesund 10 Maud O. Johansson CAP “Ung kastrat hona, utmärkt substans, utm rekt. prop.”
23 Sep 2012 BURAK Solbergelva, Drammen 10 Kristiina Rautio CAP Her first cert! “Very sweet and gentle. Young female who needs her time to develop.”
5 June 2012 LIRAK Lillestrøm 11 Berte Nemcová EX4 “Needs development”
18 Mar 2012 NORAK Veitvet, Oslo 12 Raymond Alessandro Sætre EX “Good qualities and FRIENDLY”
17 Mar 2012 NORAK Veitvet, Oslo 12 Karl Preiss EX “Søt”



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