Getting a Kitten?

Welcome to the fantastic world of Maine Coons!

There is a lot to consider when you are thinking of getting a kitten! Those of us who have discovered this large and friendly breed have in most cases fallen completely in love, and cannot imagine life without our gentle giants.

Før du kjøper Maine Coon …

Det er mye å tenke på før man anskaffer seg en kattunge. På denne siden finner du en del informasjon, råd og saker du bør tenke gjennom før et kjøp. Velkommen til å ta kontakt med oss for spørsmål og mer veiledning.


Take a look at our kitten plans   –   Planlagte kull

We hope you find useful information on this page when you are considering buying a kitten, and you are of course welcome to contact us any time with further questions.

HH kitten

Finding the right kitten  –  Å finne riktig kattunge

Company, Shows, Breeding?  –  Selskap, utstilling, avl?

Å dele hjemmet med en katt betyr mye selskap, så det er viktig å finne en som har en personlighet du liker. Sannsynligvis vil den være en del av ditt liv i de neste 15-20 år. Den viktigste grunnen til å skaffe seg katt er som venn og familiemedlem som du deler hverdagen med, og tilbyr et godt liv for en katt. Du får tilbake i monn gjennom kattens kos og oppmerksomhet overfor deg.

Det er nyttig å ha nær kontakt med oppdretter og gjerne besøke kattungene for å se hvordan de oppfører seg, og hvilke i kullet som appellerer mest til deg. Vi tar i mot besøk fra kattungene er 6 uker gamle.


Having a cat in your home is great company, and finding one with a personality you like is good advice. You will probably spend the next 15 to 20 years with your new cat. The main motivation for having a cat should be the company, sharing your everyday life with the cat and giving it a great life. You will be repaid with its love!

It is very useful to have a lot of contact with the breeder and preferably visiting the kittens to see how they behave and which ones in the litter appeal to you. Most breeders will welcome buyers from the kittens are 5-6 weeks old. You will see that some kittens are more active, some a little more shy, some like to lie in your lap – a good breeder will match kittens to the most suitable family. The kittens should also all be healthy and active, firm in body and have no problems with their eyes.


Er du interessert i katteutstilling? Om det er tilfelle, så bør du se etter en kattunge som har potensielt bra type målt mot standarden, og snakk med oppdretter om planene dine. Foreldrene og besteforeldrenes utseende og bedømmelser kan si noe om hvordan kattungen vil utvikle seg, men ingen garanti for utstillingsresultater kan gis.  Les om katteutstillinger i Norge.


Are you interested in cat shows? If so, you should be looking for a kitten with good type according to standard, and talk to the breeder about your plans of showing the cat, as he/she will probably know what to look for to find the best kitten for you. Note that it is impossible to predict a kitten’s development with certainty, so show results can never be guaranteed – but an experienced breeder will know which kittens have more potential than others.


Kattunger til avl selges kun til registrerte oppdrettere som følger vår avlsfilosofi med testing av kattene etter helseprogrammene, og fokus på bredde i genbasen. Har du lyst til å begynne med oppdrett? Det er mye å lære og sette seg inn i først, og det kan være en idé først å prøve være fôrvert for et kull.


If you consider breeding, talk to the breeder about this from the start. Only a smaller number of the kittens would be considered sold for breeding, and serious breeders would want to get to know you, your thoughts and plans before starting to plan collaboration with breeding. Only registered breeders would be able to buy a breeding cat. If you are new to breeding, then attending courses and finding a good mentor is important too.

We only sell kittens for breeding to breeders who share our breeding philosophy and follow the PawPeds health programmes, with public results in the database.


Finding the right breeder

Temperament and health …

We recommend buying from a breeder who follows the Health Programmes for Maine Coon: HCM and HD.

When you talk to different breeders, think about this: There are a few hereditary diseases that affect some Maine Coons, and choosing a kitten from a line of tested and healthy animals will increase the chance of your cat getting a long and healthy life. It is advisable to ask the breeders about HD (hip dysplasia), HCM (heart disease) and what testing they do, as well as check up what they can tell you about their lines.

Another factor that influence health is inbreeding, which can lead to problems with the immune system, teeth and gums, and other problems.

Note that it is impossible for a breeder to guarantee the health of a kitten through its lifetime, but a serious breeder will do anything he or she can to prevent problems by knowing what to test for and how to plan combinations.

Screening of breeding cats – les mer


Temperament is hereditary, so you will wish to meet the kittens’ parents and find out from the breeder how the lines are in this respect. Find out how the kittens are socialized and what routines the breeder teaches them before they go to their new homes. All in all it is important to have good chemistry with the breeder you buy from, as you can learn much through keeping in touch for years after buying the kitten. Most breeders offer ‘life-long support’ and wish to know how everything is going with the kittens.


F-kullet 6 uker gamle.

Maine Coon or other breeds; pedigree or housecat?

We love Maine Coons! However there are numerous other breeds of cats with different traits and qualities, so make sure you choose the one that will suit your life best.

Maine Coons are fairly active cats, very social, and they like to participate in everything and watch when you are working around the house. They also love – and need – company. If you plan to have an indoor cat you should get two so they have each other. If you consider a quieter breed with a more docile temperament, consider for example a Persian, Ragdoll, or British Shorthair. If you would like a more active and playful cat who loves to ‘talk’ with you all the time, you might consider an Abyssinian, a Devon Rex or an Oriental cat. Visiting a cat show, meeting the different breeds and talking to breeders is strongly recommended, so you are certain you find the perfect cat for just you and your family.

Maine Coons have a semi-longhaired coat, and will need care. Most will require a weekly brushing and comb-through, with daily care during the shedding season to avoid knots in their coats which are painful to remove. You must also expect cat hairs in your house, especially during shedding. If you wish to take your Maine Coon to shows, you need to learn how to present your cat, bathing and preparing the cat in the best way. If you fear this is too much work, you might consider a short-haired breed instead.


What you get when buying a pedigree cat

A pedigree cat cost quite a lot of money, but then you know you are buying from a registered breeder who must follow the rules in his/her cat club and organization. Kittens come to their new homes vaccinated with a veterinary health certificate, most often already ID-microchipped, with a contract and pedigree from a registry organization. If you are willing to consider taking in an adult cat who needs a new home, you might instead contact your local cat shelter or re-homing organization and consider adopting an adult housecat, and help give a homeless or abandoned cat a much wanted home.

A Maine Coon kitten from WesterosCat will:

  • be 14-17 weeks old
  • be well socialized
  • have been dewormed according to recommendations
  • have received the first vaccines
  • have a Veterinary Certificate
  • have a detailed contract
  • have a Registered Pedigree in NRR (FIFe)
  • be ID-chipped (electronic) and registered
  • have a veterinary (EU) passport
  • kittens sold as pets will be neutered
  • known hip status (HD) of both parents
  • known heart status (HCM echo) of both parents
  • kittens for breeding will only be sold to breeders who follow the PawPeds health programmes and work to broaden the gene pool


Before you buy a kitten

Time and money …

Are you really sure you can handle a cat in your life?

There are numerous things to consider when getting a cat, and it is important to think these through before buying one. How will your life look the next 15-20 years? A cat can get quite old, and they want a forever-home. Cats do not adapt easily to change. Will your life situation be stable in the future? Getting a cat might not be advisable if you plan to travel a lot, if you are a student or will move a lot, or stay places where cats might not be allowed. You also need to plan who will take care of the cat if you go on holiday or fall ill.

Having a cat costs quite a lot of money, not just buying the cat itself. Insurance for veterinary bills is absolutely necessary, and a life insurance is also recommended. All cats need to be taken to the vet’s for their annual check-up and vaccines. You will need quality pet food, cat sand for the litter box, and scratching posts and toys also cost, so expect costs up to 1000 NOK pr month.

What does your family think, do all family members agree on having a cat; will there be babies born to make a cat jealous, are any children allergy tested? There is a lot to think about, and it is best to do it before getting the cat, not after.


Have you made your decision?

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