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Hip Dysplasia in Maine Coon

Maine Coon is one of the cat breeds that are at risk for FHD – feline hip dysplasia. Breeders are recommended to x-ray their cats before breeding, and select for better hips. Let us take a look at some HD statistics and what numbers can tell us.

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We see that the number of MCO tested for HD has increased the last five years. This could be an indication of increased awareness:

hd-statistics PP-OFA
What do the HD-results mean for our breeding plans?

Prevalence of HD in MCO, PawPeds:

hd-statistics PawPeds degrees by year

Other breeds: HD is not a problem limited to Maine Coons. However MCO breeders are the best at testing breeding cats, with a total of over 11 400 HD-results for Maine Coon! Breeds where preliminary numbers show high risk for HD is: PER/EXO, BLH/BSH, SRL/SRS and DRX. BSH is the only one with more than 100 evaluations:

HD British shorthair BSH


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