NO*WesterosCat Helaena Targaryen

Helaena is a pretty blue torbie, mackerel pattern like her siblings. She seems to get a broad head and box, promising boning for a newborn. Helaena will stay with us in the cattery.

Den skjønne Helaena måtte bli hos oss. Hun var den mest frampå av alle tre i kullet, og vi har totalt falt for både hennes personlighet og lovende type. Hun har blitt en skikkelig kosekatt og vil helst ligge tett inntil i sofaen.

Vi kaller henne Lila  til daglig.

Lila 2,5 years old

Pedigree and background

About Lila
Name NO*WesterosCat Helaena Targaryen
Birth Date 15 Oct 2018
Sire Greygables William Wordsworth MCO e 03 23
Dam Greygables Olenna Oldgrey MCO a 22
Colour Blue mackerel torbie
Eye Colour Green
EMS code MCO g 23
Genotype coat colour AA dd GG Mcmc spsp ww Oo
Longhair gene (M3, M4) M3/M3
Blood group DNA N/N – blood type A
Complete inbreeding 4,99 %
Clones 19,6 %
Top 5 44,6 %
Generations back to foundation 4
PK-deficiency DNA N/N
HCM ultrasound scan Normal 2019-12-10 (1 year old), Normal 2022-02-07 (3 years old)
HD X-ray PawPeds Left: Normal, Right: Normal, both parents normal
HD X-ray OFA Preliminary Good (12 months old), both parents OFA: Good
Patella luxation PL
DNA screening MyCatDNA

Pedigree in the PawPeds database – lenke til stamtavle


Helaena is named after one of the queens in the Targaryen family, all from the universe A Song of Ice and Fire. The name is also from the Greek Goddess Eleni (Helen of Troy) who was so beautiful that she was the cause of the Trojan wars. The name means torch or ball of flame.


Show Results and Plans

Helaena is under evaluation for breeding and will be shown occasionally to follow her development. She is a blue mackerel torbie and competes in group 5, one of the toughest for female Maine Coons with lots of competition.

Date Club Place Class Judge Result Comments
7 Sep 2019 LIRAK Fjerdingby 9 Karl Preiss EX2 … Pels: Ex kvalitet, lengde og texture, flott skilpadde. … “EX2 of 2
30 June 2019 VÄK Forshaga 11 Hannah Jensen EX1 Ex storlek o tyngd. … Head: Bra kinder,OK kindben, ex box, bra haka, med längd, bra profil o panna. … Behöver tid for brädden.
29 June 2019 VÄK Forshaga 11 Malin Sundqvist EX1 Aktiv tjei som behöver tid.
15 June 2019 Smaalenene Ski 11 Marteinn Tausen EX1 Promising size and body proportions. Head: Well balanced with squarish outlines.


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