Strictly Coons Wyatt

We have a red boy for the first time! Wyatt is a little dream of a boy; so playful and confident. Like the typical Maine Coon he loves splashing with water and prefers drinking through licking his paw. He totally hates being alone, and purrs just as we talk to him. He is not a large male, but has developed into a very masculine stud with great boning.

3 years old

Wyatt is tested according to the health programmes HD and HCM, and has so far sired three litters in our cattery. He is currently on Suprelorin implant and has a break from breeding.

Pedigree and background

About Wyatt
Name Strictly Coons Wyatt
Birth Date 17 April 2020
Sire Coonity Umbrian MCO n 22
Dam Strictly Coons Tamina MCO fs 09 22
Colour Red classic tabby
Eye Colour Yellow-green
EMS code MCO d 22
Genotype coat colour Aa DD gg mcmc spsp ww Oy
Longhair gene (M3, M4) M3/M3
Blood group DNA A/A
Genetic Diversity 36 %
Complete inbreeding 7,13 %
Clones 19,5 %
Top 5 53 %
Generations back to foundation 5
PK-deficiency DNA N/N
HCM ultrasound scan Normal 2021-04-27, Normal 2023-08-08 (3 years old)
HD X-ray PawPeds Left: Grade 1, Right: Normal (10 months old)

Left: Grade 1, Right: Normal (17 months old)

HD X-ray OFA Preliminary Fair (17 months old)
Patella luxation PL No signs (unofficial)
DNA screening MyCatDNA  (Wisdom panel)
Sire to: M-litter,  N-litter, O-litter

Pedigree in the PawPeds database – lenke til stamtavle

Wyatt is from older unusual and some newer lines, far from the more typical “Euro-lines” of Maine Coon. Wyatt comes from Petra at Strictly Coons in Germany, a friend of Sibylle at Greygables where several of our cats come from. He is a distant relative to our retired William through his mother’s mother side going back to Cascademtn Sam McLeod. Wyatt’s father and mother’s father both come from Coonity in Austria, Ulrike Illia who has been breeding Maine Coons for decades and has worked with “real American Maine Coon”-lines for years, and we are so grateful to be allowed to maybe take a small part in this work.


Wyatt is a name that gives connotations to the American Wild West, Wyatt Earp,  The name is Medieaval English, a variant of Wyot derived from Wigheard, and the meaning of the name is battle, brave, hardy.




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