NO*WesterosCat Gilly of the Freefolk

The third kitten in the litter is Gilly, a pretty blue-cream mackerel tabby with white – denne jenta er blåtigret skilpaddefarget med hvite poter, bryst og tegninger.

Almost 2 years old

Hun er litt mindre enn sin søster Gersimi, men er en svært vakker hunnkatt med nydelige farger.

Vakre Gilly har vært under evaluering for avl, sammen med sin kullsøster Gersimi. Nå ett år gamle har vi valgt Gersimi som videre avlskatt, mens Gilly ble kastrert 24. oktober. Hun er nå flyttet sammen med niesen Kaja, fra søster Gersimis kull som hun hjalp fostre opp.


Pedigree and background

About Gilly
Name NO*WesterosCat Gilly of the Freefolk
Birth Date 20 May 2018
Sire Greygables William Wordsworth MCO e 03 23
Dam NO*WesterosCat Daenerys Stormborn MCO a 03 22
Colour Blue mackerel torbie with white
Eye Colour Orange yellow
EMS code MCO g 09 23
Genotype coat colour AA dd GG Mcmc spsp wsw Oo
Longhair gene (M3, M4) M3/M3
Blood group DNA N/N – blood type A
Complete inbreeding 4,71 %
Clones 19,2 %
Top 5 43,7 %
Generations back to foundation 4
HCM1-A31P DNA N/N by parents
PK-deficiency DNA N/N by parents
SMA DNA N/N by parents
HCM ultrasound scan Normal 3 June 2019 (1 year old)
HD X-ray PawPeds Left: Grade 1, Right: Grade 1
Patella luxation PL
DNA screening MyCatDNA – Optimal Selection

Pedigree in the PawPeds database – lenke til stamtavle


The name Gilly is known from the wildling girl in A Song of Ice and Fire, who accompanies Samwell on his travel to Oldtown. She seemed small, but is a lot stronger and smarter than first perceived. The name is derived from Gillyflower, a beautiful flower with lovely scent. In Hebrew the meaning of Gili is “my joy”.


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Date Club Place Class Judge Result Comments
20 Oct 2018 Østfoldkatten Rakkestad 12 Marteinn Tausen EX2 Promising size and body proportions. Head: well balanced with squarish outlines. Eyes: Ex look. Ears: Ex set to head. Rather large. Coat: Ex silky and fine. Beautiful colours and fine markings. Tail: Ex flowing, fine length. Well behaving, a bit shy today.” EX2 after her sister Gersimi


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