PawAcademy G3 completed!

PawAcademy G3 course is finally completed!

This is the third and last of the three-step education for cat lovers and breeders.

It has been the most interesting and also most demanding of the three courses, which together cover reading material, tasks, and assignments over a total of 27 weeks. The third course is aimed at breeders who want to understand population genetics and how to breed with the future of the whole breed in mind. There is important material on keeping cats in groups and infectious disease – and a lot more.

The course is available in English and Swedish, check the PawPeds website.


The content of the G3 course in summary:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • The danger of breeding for extremes
  • Behaviour
  • Communication
  • Behaviour problems
  • Reproduction and reproduction disorders
  • Kittens and kitten problems
  • Colour genetics and pedigree info
  • Population genetics
  • Breeding for health
  • Designing a health programme
  • Working with health
  • Analysing a genome
  • Breeding and selection
  • Evaluation systems
  • Breeding progression
  • Showing vs breeding
  • Development of the breeds
  • Keeping cats together in groups
  • Infectious pressure
  • Infectious diseases
  • Teeth and oral cavity
  • Nutrition for cat
  • BARF
  • Economy and selling
  • Special project

I will also thank all the knowledgeable and inspiring course leaders I have had during these three courses, and all my class mates from all over the world with all kinds of breeds: I have learnt SO much from you all!

PawAcademy G3

PawAcademy G3

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