New beginnings

Our D-litter is born! Suki is a caring mother as usual. More news about the kittens soon.

This is surely a time for new beginnings for our cattery; a lot has happened these last months. We have moved, and used winter to get settled in our new home, a big old house in the countryside. There is still a lot or work to do, building cat runs, a garage and storage, painting, planting fruit trees and making a garden, so we have more than enough to do for the months coming. The years coming, actually …

WesterosCat house home

Our new home! Holmgaard outside Fredrikstad. Lots of plans for catruns, garage and more …

Olenna is now temporarily neutered, on hormone implant, to give her a break after the C-litter and caesarean. She has gained weight and is quite happy. She will be considered for further litters next year or when the implant has burned out.

Olenna 3 years old
The B-girls, Brienne and Betzy (Betha Blackwood) have passed their first HCM-scannings, and HD results back for both of them: 1-1 (Betzy) and 1-normal (Brienne). The plan is to mate both with Fleming, and then keep 1 or 2 kittens for evaluation (perhaps in a foster home). Fleming has perfect hips, as has his mother, sister and brother, so we feel this is a good choice.

Fleming and Arya has been dating without results so far; they are both teenagers yet. We hope for a very interesting litter between the two this summer.

Aegon who lives in a foster home in Oslo has become a father for the first time: D-litter born 23 April. He is available for stud service for perhaps 1-2 tested females before he is neutered. Get in touch to find out more if this might be interesting.

This spring and summer will be quite busy as you see – but a lot of fun too! More news soon …

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