D-litter is born!

Welcome to the second generation of WesterosCats! The D-litter is here. Suki and Aegon’s babies arrived 23 April. Our dear Olenna is now a grandmother!

Vi ønsker andre generasjon med WesterosCats velkommen, D-kullet er født! Suki og Aegons kattunger ankom 23. april. Vår kjære Olenna er nå blitt farmor!

We have two blue tabbies and two black tabbies, all four with white.

D-litter 1 day old


So far it seems we have one boy and three girls. The boy has been named Drogon, names for the girls will be decided.

All details can be found on the D-litter page here.

Alle detaljer om kullet på D-kullets side her.


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