NO*WesterosCat Arianne Martell

Arianne was born as number four in the litter. She is the smallest of the girls, but still good weight as all the kittens are quite large for their age. She has a nice browntabby face, with white bib and paws. Her profile and box seem very good, and she already has nice tufted ears. She loves playing with her litter mates, and is very curious about people. Already at 4 weeks age she was quite good at escaping the kitten pen and explore the rest of the room!


Arianne has her name from Princess Arianne Martell of Dorne, in A Song of Ice and Fire. Arianne is Doran’s daughter and Oberyn’s niece. In the books she plays an important role. The name means most holy and is derived from Greek Ariadne, King Minos’ daughter who married Dionysos.


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