(N) CalmatoCat Victory Knox goes by the name Viggo, and he is the half brother of beautiful Tequila. We love his clumsy personality and affection, and he has the loudest purrs of all our cats. He also has the loudest miaows.

Viggo was neutered in November 2013 as he could not be used for breeding, but he will stay with our family as our pet. His best friend is Hieronymus, and they are always together when roaming outdoors. They both spend the summer months up on the coast, together with Suki.


Viggo 7,5 m

Pedigree and Background

About Viggo
Name (N) CalmatoCat Victory Knox
Birth Date 10 Jan 2013
Sire S*Coppermines Stronger MCO d 09 22
Dam (N) CalmatoCat Patricia Chardonnay MCO f 22
Colour Browntabby
EMS code MCO n 22
Genotype Aa Dd GG ii mcmc spsp ww oy
Longhair gene M3/M3
Complete inbreeding 15,1 %
Clones 37,6 %
Generations back to foundation 11
PK-deficiency DNA N/N
HD X-ray PawPeds Left: Grade 3, Right: Grade 3

Viggo’s pedigree in the PawPeds database


Show Results

Viggo is an MCO n 22 black (brown) tabby and competes in Category II semilonghair, MCO Group 3 traditional FIFé show system. In his 10 shows as kitten and youngster he never beat any competitors, he dislikes shows and is retired from the show ring.

Date Club Place Class Judge Result Comments
3 Nov 2013 NORAK Holmenkollen, Oslo 11 Hannah Jensen EX1 Ex storlek … Flott prop. o bredd. Ex benstam. Breda kinder og stärk box. Flott kropp, hovudform något ufärdig.” EX1 of 1
2 Nov 2013 NORAK Holmenkollen, Oslo 11 Jørgen Billing EX1 “Condition: Super <3 temperament. Needs time to develop more head and type.” EX1 of 1
8 Sep 2013 Sunnmørskatten Moa, Ålesund 11 Karina Bjuran EX2 “Ung hannkatt med bra lengde på kroppen, sterke ben. Et meget fint formet hode, fin profil, bra box, ønsker sterkere hake. Herlig look.” “En spennende katt.” EX 2 of 2
7 Sep 2013 Sunnmørskatten Moa, Ålesund 11 Marek Chadaj EX2 “Well developed kitten on solid legs. Good development muzzle.” EX 2 of 2
23 Jun 2013 Smaalenene Ski 12 María Říhová EX1 “Well developed kitten, nice muzzle. Babycoat, nice pattern, ex presented.” EX 1 of 1
22 Jun 2013 Smaalenene Ski 12 Christin K. Lütken EX1 “Ung og søt hannkatt med deilig babykropp, fin tyngde og ex benstamme. Hode: fine lengder, lovende box og ex hake.” EX 1 of 1
26 May 2013 Vestkystkatten Averøy 12 Luigi Comorio EX2 “Little boy well developed in body and size. Head angular, gently curved forehead developed chin fine. Ears set high, wide at the base” EX 2 of 2
25 May 2013 Vestkystkatten Averøy 12 Yan Roca Folch EX2 Strong body, good height of forehead and nice profile. “Nice boy” EX 2 of 2
5 May 2013 LIRAK Lørenskog 12 Maud Olsen Johansson EX2 Lovane rekt prop, stärk stamme. Hode: lovande form, utmärkt bok, gott djup i haka, fina höga kinder. Ører: Stora, utm hög plasering.” EX 2 of 2
4 May 2013 LIRAK Lørenskog 12 Anne Paloluoma EX2 “Well developing male for type and structure. Head promising in outline and profile. Ears large, tufted, broad based.” EX 2 of 2

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