Gatos de la Calle

Gatos de la Calle – Our Spanish Street Cats

Our family’s place in Spain is on a real nice street, and a group of animal-loving neighbours have adopted some abandoned, homeless cats. We have had them neutered, following up with annual shots and all the care in the world! Gatos de la Calle means streetcats.

The cats are timeshare cats shared between the cat lovers according to who is in their Spanish home – there is always at least one family present to take care of them. Our family’s place is owned by my mother who spends half the year in a warm climate. Occasionally we go there too, when we find good sitters for our Maine Coon cats.

Remember: Once you start feeding a homeless cat or street cat, it becomes your responsibility!


The “bobtail” found in lots of feral cats in the Alicante province is quite similar to the bobtail feature of the breeds Japanese and Kurilean Bobtail. Tail knots, kinks and missing vertebrae of the tail is hereditary, and once entered a cat population hard to get rid of.

Rudi, “ZigZag” Sasha and Jack are no longer with us. They are greatly missed, especially the two boys had fantastic personalities. A newcomer, red “Max” has moved in.


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