Drogon – under evaluation

NO*WesterosCat Drogon Dracarys

Drogon is the only boy in the D-litter. So far he is strongly built and with a very good head. He seems to get a clearly defined box and chin. He is quite promising!

We have decided he will stay with us for now!  Drogon er så herlig at han blir her hos oss, i hvert fall inntil videre.

3 months old

He might be available for breeding for a cattery outside Norway-Sweden; a breeder following the PawPeds health programmes with HD results and HCM screenings in the PawPeds database.

Drogon er den eneste gutten i kullet. Han ser ut til å få god type, og vi er veldig begeistret for ham så langt. Kanskje selges han til avl utenfor Norge-Sverige, men det kan også hende vi beholder han i oppdrettet; han er så vakker og tøff.


Pedigree and background

About Drogon
Name NO*WesterosCat Drogon Dracarys
Birth Date 23 Apr 2017
Sire NO*WesterosCat Aegon Dragonlord
Dam CH S*Acrobat’s Honeysuckle Rose “Suki” MCO n 09 24
Colour Black spotted with white
EMS code MCO n 09 24
Genotype coat colour A- D- GG ii -mc Spsp wsw oy
Longhair gene (M3, M4)  /M3
Blood group DNA non-b/non-b
Complete inbreeding 5,90 %
Clones 22,1 %
Top 5 51,2 %
Generations back to foundation 7
PK-deficiency DNA N/N
HCM ultrasound scan
HD X-ray PawPeds

Drogon’s Pedigree in the PawPeds database


Drogon is named after Daenerys Targaryen’s largest dragon. The name is a variant of Drogo which is a Slavic name meaning precious.



Show Results and Plans

Drogon is under evaluation for breeding, so he will be shown occasionally to follow his development.

Date Club Place Class Judge Result Comments
15 Oct 2017 Østfoldkatten Rakkestad 12 Sirpa Lindelöf EX1 Ex muscles, ex length. Head: Ex chin, very nice profile, very nice height. Eyes: Ex shape and size. Ears: Nice size and setting. Coat: Promising texture silky, nice lengths. Tail: Excellent. Condition: Excellent. General: Sweet charming boy.
14 Oct 2017 Østfoldkatten Rakkestad 12 Philippe de Guerny Ventura EX1 Ex body balance and structure. Head: Ex shape, in development for box, good profile and chin. … Coat: Ex silky texture, ex fine and soft undercoat, need bit length. Tail: Ex length ex flowing coat. Condition: Ex. General: Kitten needs time.
 17 Sep 2017 VÄK Västra Frölunda 12 Hannah Jensen EX1 Ex storläk o tyngd, flott längd o rektangulär, ex benstam. Ex kinar o kindben, ex bok o haka, med lengd. Ngt ofärdig profil. Ex panna.
 16 Sep 2017 VÄK Västra Frölunda  12 Dorte Kaae EX2 Very big kitten for his age, well built, strong muscles, exc strong legs, bone structure. … Top show condition. Very very sweet kitten.”  EX 2 after a 2 month older cat with more typed head.


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