We have two males

– and we have hopes and plans …


Aegon is the son of Olenna, from the A-litter, and we will keep him in the cattery for breeding. He lives in a foster home in Oslo, with a neuter companion. His heart and hips are perfect, and he is the father of our D-litter. Very mild personality.



Fleming is the father of our E- and F-litters. He is unrelated to all our other cats and can be used for all the females in the cattery.


We also have two young males under evaluation. Click their names for more information.




Keeping entire males can sometimes be quite demanding. Smell and spraying must be taken into consideration, and behaviour and stress when living in a home with breeding queens. We try to have our boys fully integrated with the other cats as far as possible, but also have separate rooms for them to stay with youngsters and neuters.

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