We have four males at the moment

– and we have hopes and plans …


Aegon is the son of Olenna, from the A-litter, and we keep him in the cattery for breeding. He lives in a foster home in Oslo, with a neuter companion. His heart and hips are perfect, and he is the father of our D-litter. Very mild personality. Born 24 July 2015.



Fleming is the father of our E- and F-litters. He is unrelated to all our other cats and can be used for all the females in the cattery. He is currently on Suprelorin implant. He is born 19 Nov 2015. No stud service.




Our cream dream has grown to be a sweet and fairly large boy, mild personality. He is born 28 Jan 2017, and will be mated to our girls in 2018-2019.

William 10 months old


Drogon is our big “homebred favourite”, Suki‘s only son, and grandson of Olenna. He is born 23 April 2017. He might be considered for a few matings in other catteries.

11 months old


We also soon have a little youngster under evaluation … More info later!


Stud Service – Låne hannkatt til avl?

Vi samarbeider bare med oppdrettere som deler vårt syn på avl og rasens fremtid. Utlån av hannkatter vurderes bare til testede hunnkatter, og med krav til videre testing av avkom til avl. Les våre Retningslinjer for fornuftig avl:

Guidelines for Good Breeding Practice

We only work with other breeders who share our views on breeding and the future of the Maine Coon breed. Stud service will only be considered for queens that are tested, and with contracts of continued testing for offspring in breeding.



Keeping entire males can sometimes be quite demanding. Smell and spraying must be taken into consideration, and behaviour and stress when living in a home with breeding queens. We try to have our boys integrated with the other cats as far as possible, but also have separate rooms for them to stay with youngsters and neuters.

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