Gersimi – under evalution

NO*WesterosCat Gersimi the Goddess

Gersimi, the firstborn kitten in the G-litter is our first highwhite cat, a cute blue-cream tabby harlequin girl. It seems she is mackerel tabby genetically. As highwhite she will also be registered with EMS code for eye colour, and since both parents have amber/yellow eyes, code 62 seems most likely. She has a strong body and sweet face.

Williams og Neris’ førstefødte er også vår første harlekin, høygradig hvit. Skjønne “Shimmy” som vi kaller henne blir i oppdrettet.

9 weeks old


Gersimi (Gersemi) is a Norse goddess, Freyja’s daughter. In Modern Norwegian the name is pronounced Gjerseme. She was fair and so beautiful that everything costly was named after her. Her closest parallel in A Song of Ice and Fire is the Maiden, of the Seven. The name means treasure, gemstone, jewel.

Pedigree and background

About Gersimi
Name NO*WesterosCat Gersimi the Goddess
Birth Date 20 May 2018
Sire Greygables William Wordsworth MCO e 03 23
Dam NO*WesterosCat Daenerys Stormborn MCO a 03 22
Colour Blue mackerel torbie harlequin
Eye Colour Orange yellow
EMS code MCO g 02 21 (23) 62?
Genotype coat colour A- dd GG Mcmc spsp wsw Oo
Longhair gene (M3, M4) M3/M3
Blood group DNA N/N – blood type A
Complete inbreeding 4,71 %
Clones 19,2 %
Top 5 43,7 %
Generations back to foundation 4
HCM1-A31P DNA N/N by parents
PK-deficiency DNA N/N by parents
SMA DNA N/N by parents
HCM ultrasound scan
HD X-ray PawPeds
Patella luxation PL
DNA screening MyCatDNA – Optimal Selection planned




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