Our Cats

On each cat’s page you will find a link to PawPeds pedigree and information about colour genotype, parents, inbreeding, health tests and their personalities. There are also lots more photos. All show results are published online on each cat’s page. Our cats are part of the family, and they share our big house and home with us.


På hver katts egne side finnes informasjon om farge, gentype, foreldre, innavlstall, helsetester og deres personlighet. Det er mange flere bilder, og alle utstillingsresultater legges også ut. Kattene er en del av familien, og vi deler vårt store hus og hjem med dem alle. Iblant vil avkom vi planlegger bruke i avl videre bo hos fôrvert.

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– three breeding queens:


Greygables Olenna Oldgrey


CH NO*WesterosCat Arya Stark


NO*WesterosCat Daenerys Stormborn




– we have three males living with us:


2,5 years old

Flying Colors van de Kerselaar  ‘Fleming’


Greygables William Wordsworth


NO*WesterosCat Drogon Dracarys


Pretty Premiers – neutered cats:


GIP (N) Zifina Hieronymus Hurlumhei


(N) CalmatoCat Victory Knox  ‘Viggo’


CH S*Acrobat’s Honeysuckle Rose ‘Suki’


NO*WesterosCat Brienne of Tarth ‘Brie’


NO*WesterosCat Betha Blackwood ‘Betzy’


Previous Cats

NO*WesterosCat Aegon Dragonlord

now neutered – in foster home in Oslo


IP (N) Calmatocat Tequila Sunrise


CH (N) Zifina India


Canaletto’s Androscoggin


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