H-litter born 15 October 2018

Three beautiful blue babies! All three are mackerel tabby.

WesterosCat H-litter 7 weeks old

We have one boy and two girls. There was also a little star, a blue highwhite boy, who did not make it … All three are without dominant white spotting, but there is a risk that white lockets could appear.

Name – Navn



NO*WesterosCat Hodor the Hero MCO a 23 Blue mackerel tabby Sold to Stig and Merethe in Langhus
NO*WesterosCat Helaena Targaryen MCO g 23 Blue mackerel torbie Stays in the cattery
NO*WesterosCat Holly the Spearwife MCO g 23 Blue mackerel torbie Sold to NO*Hairbandit cattery in Hedmark, Norway
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Pedigree in the PawPeds database – lenke til stamtavle

Kittens can not be reserved until they are at least 6 weeks old – kattunger kan tidligst reserveres 6 uker gamle. Inntil da er hele kullet “under evaluation”. En av jentene vil bli ledig til selskap, og hun er leveringsklar rundt 8. februar.

  • Available – kattungen er til salgs – the kitten is for sale
  • Under evaluation – kattungen evalueres til avl, men kan godt bli ledig, så ta kontakt om du er interessert – the kitten is considered for breeding, but might become available later
  • Option – kattungen er holdt av, men kan bli ledig igjen, så spør gjerne – someone has shown interest and the kitten is on hold, but you can still ask about the kitten
  • Reserved – katten er reservert og håndpenger er betalt – reservation for the kitten is paid
  • Sold – katten er solgt og har flyttet til nytt hjem – the kitten is sold and has moved to a new home


Parents: Olenna & William


Greygables Olenna Oldgrey MCO a 22

Greygables William Wordsworth MCO e 03 23

Genotype: AA dd Gg mcmc spsp ww oo M3/M3 Genotype: Aa dd GG Mcmc spsp wsws Oy M3/M3
HCM scan: Normal 2018-03-22 (4 years old) HCM-scan: Normal 2018-03-22 (14 months old)
HD X-ray: Left: Normal, Right: Normal, both parents normal HD X-ray: Left: Normal, Right: Grade 1

This litter is a low inbreeding combination, with both newer foundation cats, rare lines and some show stars in the pedigree.   Dette er et lavinnavlskull, med både ny foundation, uvanlige linjer og enkelte showstjerner i stamtavlen.

Olenna has well-set ears of good size. Her eyes are beautifully set and of lovely green colour. She is of medium size and build, excellent proportions. Her coat is very soft, medium long with a silky plush quality. Her temperament is super, very confident, playful and affectionate!

William is a sweet tempered, strong-bodied young male, and a combination of American show lines and new foundation. He is hetero for hte dominant white spotting gene, and can give highwhite. He is a very very friendly boy!

Litter Data

PK-deficiency DNA N/N
Complete inbreeding 4,97 %
Clones 19,6 %
Top 5 4,44 %

G-litter born 15 October 2018


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