NO*WesterosCat Gendry my Secret Prince

The last born in this litter is a blue mackerel tabby boy, white paws, bib and nose. He is the most curious of the kittens so far, and seems to get a good box and profile. Gendry is under evaluation for breeding.

Sistemann i kullet er en blåtigret med hvitt gutt, med en bred hvit stripe på nesen. Han ser ut til å få ganske definert boks for en utparingskatt, og han er under evaluering inntil videre, sammen med sin bror. Kanskje skal en av guttene til avl, den andre blir selskapskatt.



Our boy is named after the blacksmith apprentice Gendry, secret son of King Robert, all in the fantasy world A Song of Ice and Fire. The name Gendry can be interpreted as a combination of the Slavic-Greek name Gennady, meaning noble, generous, and the Norwegian name Endre, originally Norse Eindride; “the one who rules alone”. Our Gendry is a little Prince!

Pedigree and background

About Gendry
Name NO*WesterosCat Gendry my Secret Prince
Birth Date 20 May 2018
Sire Greygables William Wordsworth MCO e 03 23
Dam NO*WesterosCat Daenerys Stormborn MCO a 03 22
Colour Blue mackerel tabby with white
Eye colour Green or orange/yellow (too early to tell)
EMS code MCO a 09 23
Genotype coat colour A- dd GG Mcmc spsp wsw oy
Longhair gene (M3, M4) M3/M3
Blood group DNA N/N – blood type A
Complete inbreeding 4,71 %
Clones 19,2 %
Top 5 43,7 %
Generations back to foundation 4
HCM1-A31P DNA N/N by parents
PK-deficiency DNA N/N by parents
SMA DNA N/N by parents
HCM ultrasound scan
HD X-ray PawPeds
Patella luxation PL
DNA screening


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